I Love Education!

I love Education!  I really do.  Chances are that many of you do too…in one form or another.  I have taught 1st and 2nd Grades for the past 7 years, and have truly fallen in love with the kids, teachers, parents, and atmosphere of learning.  I felt a strong calling from God to become a teacher, starting way back when I would sit my brothers down and make them play school with me (I’m sure they can look back on that time with fondness as well…HA).

In all seriousness, I’m starting this blog in hopes to bring the heart back to general education.  In the midst of the schedules, testing, and paperwork, there is a beautiful opportunity in Education to help form young lives.  I hope to explore fun and creative ways to help build character, explore service options in helping less fortunate schools with supplies and teaching tools (stateside and overseas), design lessons in a way that appeals to the child’s intellect and heart, and share some humor and laughter along the way.

This seems like a HUGE endeavor, but I’m excited to see where God leads me through this blog in the coming months and years.  I hope that you’ll join with me in my quest for reviving HEART teaching.

After all, i{heart}edu, the true kind that is!


4 thoughts on “I Love Education!

  1. futuresoccermom

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog – my first commenter! Glad to have checked yours out, too. It looks great! I’ve signed up to get your future posts – looking forward to them!

    1. Shae Post author

      Thank you so much! The first few posts are scarier to put up than I thought. It’s nice to know that other teachers are just starting out too. 🙂


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