10 Exciting Back-to-School Gifts!

I {heart} back to school time!  It’s such a hustle and bustle time of year for parents, students and teachers.  I’m always looking for cute, and fun ways to welcome students back to school.  Here are 10 exciting back to school gifts that you can give your students, or even make for your own child to ease the first day jitters!

You’re oFISHally a ______! Gift Tags

These oFISHally Gifts Tags are my personal favorite (maybe because I made them!).  You can attach this little gift tag to a baggie of swedish fish or even goldfish crackers.  My students couldn’t stop saying “I’m O-FISH-ally {insert cracking up with laughter} a first grader!” Click on the picture for a free download!

Sweet treat pencils

Aren’t these sweet little pencil treats just the cutest?  You could even attach little gift tags that say something like “What a “sharp” group of “sweeties” I have this year!”  or “You’re so ‘sharp’!”

S’more Treat Bags

Who can resist S’mores???  These sweet treats are sure to bring smiles on the first day or week back.  Click on the picture for her free printable labels (soooo cute!).

You’re so sharp!

These “You’re so sharp!” gifts would be a perfect “non-candy” way to welcome your kiddos back.  I love how colorful the gift tags are too.

LUCKY Gift Bags

What a colorful way to let the students know how lucky you are to have them in class!

Back to School Gift Bag

You could do a whole gift bag for each student.  This gift bag has a poem attached and inside the bag she put eraser’s, pencils, etc. that went with the welcome poem on the outside of the bag.

Glow Sticks “We’re going to have a ‘bright’ year!”

Here is another “non-food” gift that is affordable and fun.  Glow sticks with tags attached that say “We’re going to have a bright year!”

Calculator Gift

How fun is this giant calculator gift?!?  I thought it would be a perfect gift for students in the middle/upper grades.

Smarty Pants Gift

I die!  Look at those little smarty pants!! 🙂  You can put your smarties candies in there and attach a tag that says something like “Welcome to First Grade Smarty Pants!”  HA. Too cute!

You’re One Smart Cookie

I MUST have food on my mind with all of these treat gifts.  “You’re one Smart Cookie” can use a variety of different cookies to attach to (you could even make your own).

Teacher Survival Gift

Let’s not forget the teacher!  Here’s a super cute Teacher Survival Kit, that has most of the items found at the dollar store.

Hope you all have a wonderful first day/week back at school and that you find the perfect welcome back gift for your students!

Happy Teaching,

Michaela 🙂


2 thoughts on “10 Exciting Back-to-School Gifts!

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