OWL-standing Behavior {An Owl Themed Behavior System}

Owl Behavior Clip Chart System

Click on the picture to purchase the Owl Clip Chart System

I know I know, I have an owl obsession!  There is just something about themes and those cute little owls that are so exciting to me.  I love when everything matches and flows together.  This OWL-standing Behavior System, came from my desire to give the students a visual of the choices they were making.  Then I figured if they could SEE that they were headed in a downward spiral, they would have more of a chance to change their behavior for the better.  After much research and years of card charts, stop lights, treasure chests and more, I landed on this clip chart idea.  I loved so much how it gave the students plenty of visuals and opportunity to be responsible for their own behavior and choices.

Owl Behavior System

OWL-standing Behavior Clip Chart (2 color options), Parent Letter, Student Behavior Log, Owl Themed Punch Cards, Reward Binder Cover and over 25 Reward Insert Pages!

Since I have an owl obsession, I adapted the clip chart to an owl theme and created an Owl Themed Rewards Binder.  The rewards binder is full of fun “experiences” rather than things.  From “Whooo’s Desk is it Anyway?(Trade desks with a friend for a day) to “Owl Just Pass”(Get a free pass for no homework) students will get a hoot (couldn’t resist) out of the fun wording and rewards they can earn.  Meanwhile, I just loved not having to buy any little trinkets for a treasure chest or handing out candy as rewards.  The students get punches on their owl themed punch cards and save them up to purchase the Owl Rewards that they want.

Owl Clip Chart

The Owl Clip Chart at work in Angie’s Classroom!

I hope you all have an OWL-standing year and that this Behavior System can help you manage your classroom smoothly this coming year!

Happy Teaching,

Michaela Peterson


3 thoughts on “OWL-standing Behavior {An Owl Themed Behavior System}

    1. Shae Post author

      Thanks Michelle! I just love all of the owl themes that are going around. 🙂 I looked at your cute blog/TpT store, keep up the fabulous work.
      -Michaela 🙂


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