My Favorite Freebie {I’m Proactive- A 7 Habits Craftivity}

I’m a little late in the game BUT, I’m linking up today with the 2nd Grade Pad  for super fun “My Favorite Freebie Linky Party”!  With all of the things you have to pay for as teachers, isn’t it SO nice when you can get what you need for free?

My favorite freebie that I’ve made so far is my “I’m Proactive {A 7 Habits Craftivity}” :

I'm Proactive {A 7 Habits Craftivity}


It is my favorite because:

I can’t get enough of those 7 Habits!  They are such great principles for our students to learn at an early age.  I TRUELY believe that if kids can learn these habits now, when they’re young, they will be better equipped to tackle all things in their adult worlds.  Plus, those little kids in these cutouts are super cute and students can make them to resemble themselves.

How to use it:

You can just print out the templates and trace them onto the color of paper you would like!  I usually read chapter one in the book “The 7 Habits of Happy Kids” by Sean Covey and then implement this “I’m Proactive” activity.

"I'm Proactive" Steps

“I’m Proactive” Craftivity Steps

I also brainstorm with the students to help them create their “I’m proactive and take the first step when I…” page.

"I'm Proactive" writing page

There are 2 different writing line styles included for differentiated learning.

You can click on any of the pictures or here to pick up your “I’m Proactive” 7 Habits Craftivity today.  For more great freebies head on over to the 2nd Grade Pad!

Aspire to Inspire!

-Michaela 🙂


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Freebie {I’m Proactive- A 7 Habits Craftivity}

    1. Shae Post author

      Kelly you are absolutely right! Every time I revisit the 7 Habits I realize there’s so much information that I as an adult can glean as well. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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