Welcome Winter TpT Sale and 7 Habit Craftivity #3!


Thank you Casey for this cute poster!

Winter is upon us and what better time to sit inside, enjoying a hot drink, and shopping on TpT in your PJ’s!  This weekend I will be joining a number of other TpT Sellers to offer a Welcome Winter 20% Sale.  Friday, December 21st through Sunday, December 23rd every item in my store will be on sale.

Included in the sale will be my newest 7 Habits Craftivity “Put First Things First {7 Habit Craftivity #3}”.

work first then play preview pics.001In this 7 Habits Craftivity students will learn to “work first, then play!”  Included in this unit are:

-”First Things First” Craft Templates & Directions

-Writing Prompt Page & Cutouts {“First Things First” Prompt and work/play cutouts} (2 sheets to differentiate learning)

-Work First, Then Play “TO-DO List”

This is a great craft that helps students prioritize their tasks and decipher between work and play.  The goal is to help them put those first things (not always the most fun, but the most necessary) first and then they can really enjoy their down time or fun time.

Enjoy the Sale!



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