I have taught 1st and 2nd grades for about a decade now, and have grown to love this age so much!  Teaching has helped me realize my passion for young people and what an impact we can have on them and their futures.

I love spending time with my Husband and our adorable not-so-baby-anymore girl, Little P.  We are an adventurous bunch and do a lot of activities outdoors (camping, hiking, mountain biking, etc.).  We are about to move out of our house, and move into a ’66 Airstream for a year.  You can read about our adventures at our family blog Livin’ Lightly.

I also enjoy a slew of other activities like crafting, sewing, card-making, gift-giving, gymnastics, playing guitar/singing praise to God, Mommy-ing, and hanging out with friends and family! (And as you are soon to find out, I’m a wee bit addicted to smiley faces and exclamation marks!!! 🙂 My friends say that it’s ok because it’s a true reflection of “real life” interaction with me…ok ok so I can get a little excited when I talk!)

I started this blog as an endeavor to focus in on the heart of education; loving kids and showing them how to love others like Christ did.  I hope to explore giving/service projects, fun-filled curriculum, and features of great teachers from around the world.  I hope you’ll join me in this journey and share with me your ideas as well!  After all…it takes a village! 🙂

Happy Teaching!

-Michaela Peterson 🙂


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