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100th Day of School Fun & Owl Themed 100th Day

100th Day Collage done

The 100th Day of School has been one of my favorite days of the year.  There’s so much excitement about this day from kids bringing in their collections of 100 items to dressing up and doing 100’s of activities (not to mention it marks a place on the calendar to remind you that you’re over half-way through the year, exciting for students and teachers alike)!

I love to go all out on the 100th Day and I found these amazing ideas on Pinterest to share.

1.  Build a 100 Cup Structure  How much fun would this be?  You could even have two stations set up and have a little competition to see who could build a structure first that doesn’t fall over.

2.  100 Snack This looks like a tasty treat to pass out to your kiddos using Chips Ahoy and Vienna Fingers. Yum!

3. 100 Hands Heart This is such a neat idea especially being so close to Valentine’s Day!

4. 100 Number Art I have done this for the last few years and love it!  We had a die cut machine last year which made it really easy.  It’s so interesting to see what the kids come up with.

5. 100th Day Door Decor  I love this!  The kids would be so excited to come and see something like this hanging from your door when they first get to school.

6. 100 Fingers Art This is a great activity to practice up on skip counting and to get a little messy!

7. 100 Years Old I just love all of the art you can do with kids that have them imagine themselves when they are 100 years old.

One other favorite activity I’ve done is to flip the idea of dressing up as a 100-year-old (other classrooms did this in my school and I was wanting to change it up a little) and to have the students dress up like it was 100 years ago.

100th Day 100 Years ago

Aren’t these two the cutest?  They are dressing as if they were in 1912.  So darling!!

If you’re looking for fun decorations and activities to do for the 100th Day that are Owl themed I’ve created a “Look Whoo’s 100 Days Smarter!” Celebration Pack!

100th Day Owl Blog Pic

I just love this pack!  It has a fun owl headband, 100 Days Smarter Certificates, Owl Activity Packet, Owl Badges, 100th Day Banner and more!

100th day Celebration Owl Preview blog.001

100th Day Paisley headband blogI couldn’t resist adding a picture of the cutest little model showing off the 100th Day Headband!

Happy 100th Day of School to all of you.  What’s your favorite 100th Day Activity?

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OWL-standing Behavior {An Owl Themed Behavior System}

Owl Behavior Clip Chart System

Click on the picture to purchase the Owl Clip Chart System

I know I know, I have an owl obsession!  There is just something about themes and those cute little owls that are so exciting to me.  I love when everything matches and flows together.  This OWL-standing Behavior System, came from my desire to give the students a visual of the choices they were making.  Then I figured if they could SEE that they were headed in a downward spiral, they would have more of a chance to change their behavior for the better.  After much research and years of card charts, stop lights, treasure chests and more, I landed on this clip chart idea.  I loved so much how it gave the students plenty of visuals and opportunity to be responsible for their own behavior and choices.

Owl Behavior System

OWL-standing Behavior Clip Chart (2 color options), Parent Letter, Student Behavior Log, Owl Themed Punch Cards, Reward Binder Cover and over 25 Reward Insert Pages!

Since I have an owl obsession, I adapted the clip chart to an owl theme and created an Owl Themed Rewards Binder.  The rewards binder is full of fun “experiences” rather than things.  From “Whooo’s Desk is it Anyway?(Trade desks with a friend for a day) to “Owl Just Pass”(Get a free pass for no homework) students will get a hoot (couldn’t resist) out of the fun wording and rewards they can earn.  Meanwhile, I just loved not having to buy any little trinkets for a treasure chest or handing out candy as rewards.  The students get punches on their owl themed punch cards and save them up to purchase the Owl Rewards that they want.

Owl Clip Chart

The Owl Clip Chart at work in Angie’s Classroom!

I hope you all have an OWL-standing year and that this Behavior System can help you manage your classroom smoothly this coming year!

Happy Teaching,

Michaela Peterson