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Whoo Will Be my Valentine? {Owl Themed Valentine Party}

Valentine's Day Owl Party!Whoo’s ready for Valentine’s Day?!?!  I just think this Valentine’s Day Owl Themed Party pack is a HOOT!  It was so much fun coming up with the Owl Bag that you just have to attach to a brown lunch sack and you have an inexpensive but fun Valentine’s card catcher!

I’m also a huge advocate for healthy/healthier treats at school when possible (I know some schools are banned from having treats at all).  If you are allowed to bring food here are some of my favorite Valentine’s Day healthy snacks!

Our healthy treats are strawberry smoothies, valentines chex mix and heart shaped fruit skewers.

Our healthy valentine’s treats are strawberry smoothies, valentines chex mix and heart-shaped fruit skewers.

My kids always love the strawberry smoothies we even tried to cut strawberries in half one year and stick them on the side of the cup so it would look like a heart…that didn’t exactly work out too well for us, but hey it might for you!

If you’d like the recipe to print off for your students or to use in your classroom just click the picture below.  This recipe serves 2 so if you are making a batch for your whole classroom you’ll have to adjust it accordingly.  Enjoy!

strawberry valentines smoothie.001

Click on the picture for a free copy of this recipe to share with your class!

The chex mix was gluten-free and had special gluten-free red m&m type candies in it. YUM!  Then our fruit skewers were suppose to be watermelon, but for some reason that didn’t work out (maybe they weren’t in season in our area?) so a creative room parent came up with cutting strawberries to look like hearts.  Notice how the orange slices are shaped like arrows!!

I have two Valentine’s Day packets to share with you today.  The first one is my newest “Whoo Will be My Valentine? {Owl Themed Party Pack}”  I included several options and colors where necessary to give the option for boys as well as the girls!

owl themed valentines title page.001

owl valentine preview.001

Inside You’ll Find:
*Owl Paper Bag Valentine’s Craft {use for collecting Valentine’s} {templates & directions}
*”Whoo Will Be My Valentine?” Headband
*”Owl Always Think You’re Sweet!” Snack Bag Toppers {3 styles}
*Whoo Loves a Good Book?” & “Reading is a HOOT” Gift Bookmarks
*Owl Themed Valentine’s Cards (4 styles)
*Owl Valentine Pencil Toppers or Cupcake Toppers
*”Whoo Loves a Good Book?” & “Reading is a Hoot!” Bookmarks (3 styles total)
*Happy Valentine’s Day Banner/ Pennant

For a great lesson in having a thankful heart check out my “Give Thanks with a Thankful Heart” packet.

Give Thanks.001 Give Thanks Preview.001

Oh and of course a picture of my little model showing off the Valentine’s Day Headband!

Valentines Headband

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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